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Get to Know Ron

Ron is a new volunteer at Spencer House! He is volunteering his time to make homemade bread and buns.

Ron moved to Canada in 1999 from China and used to make Steamed Bread, but it has only been a year since he taught himself how to make baked bread and buns by watching YouTube videos. He offers a very healthy alternative to store bought bread- his bread is sugar, salt, fat, and preservatives free!

We found Ron through connections at ISANS; he offered to make and work on perfecting his bread for free to get constructive criticism in return so he can improve the recipe, as he hopes to sell his bread and buns someday. Now, Ron comes to Spencer House multiple times a week to bake for us! Thank you for your great bread and buns Ron.

Fun Fact:

Ron visited Spencer House about 10 years ago for language practice and classes!

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