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Take What You Need

We restocked our Spencer House community cupboard today! Our cupboard can be found in our boardroom, and is always available for anyone to check out and take what they need. We have bags for you to take your items home in as well. It has become very helpful to people visiting our centre to have this outlet as prices have inflated greatly. Budgeting keeps getting tighter and tighter for people nowadays, so we are happy to help out and offer what we can to those who drop in!

The cupboard has a little bit of everything, here's some examples of what we usually have:

Soups Apple Sauce Popcorn Tuna

Spreads Juice Pop and Candy Ham

Fruit Cups Oatmeal Boost Protein Sardines

Skim Milk Cookies Crackers Chickpeas

Toothbrushes Cough Drops Depends Laundry Detergent

Batteries Hand Soap Bandaids Deodorant

Body Soap Toothpaste Lotion Lysol Wipes

Kleenex Hand Sanitizer Face Cloths

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