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Employment Opportunities

Program Coordinator:

The Program Coordinator plays a pivotal role in developing, implementing, and coordinating various programs and activities tailored to meet the diverse needs and interests of our senior community members. They work closely with staff, volunteers, and external partners to ensure the delivery of high-quality programs that contribute to the overall well-being and enrichment of the lives of seniors.

Volunteer Opportunities

Reception & Resource Desk: If you are a great communicator, love to connect with people, are outgoing, and always have a smile on this will be a great opportunity for you. The Receptionist greets each member as they arrive at the Centre and manages the Reception & Resource Desk by answering the telephone, helping with information about the Centre and upcoming activities, as well as sharing community resources and programs of interest to seniors.

Kitchen Crew: If you like to serve others, love to connect with people, and enjoy food this is a great opportunity for you. Volunteers serve tea/coffee to members in the Today Café. They prepare and serve the daily lunch with a smile, as well as clean up. Kitchen Crew Volunteers have a Food Handler Safety Certificate.

Kitchen Crew.png

Program Leadership: If you are creative, active, and love to create and manage activities and events, this is a great opportunity for you. Many of the programs at Spencer House are led by volunteers who come to the Centre to share their time and talent with the members. This is a great way for members of the community to connect with senior friends and neighbours around a variety of topics, activities, and events. Do you have a talent, gift, or experience you would be willing to share with a group? Come talk with us!

baskets preparation.jpeg

Phone Pals: If you are a good listener, enjoy chatting with people, and sharing stories, this is a great opportunity for you. Started at the beginning of the pandemic, volunteers continue to connect with seniors who are unable to get out often, or at all. This is especially important for many seniors who are not connected online and have a limited social network.

Do you want to become a Phone Pal? Please email Allison Davis at

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Special Events: If you have interest in event planning and logistics, and in giving happiness and joy to others, this is a great opportunity for you. Volunteers lead many of our special events, programs, and fundraisers. We often hold a Dinner Theatre, Dinner & Dance, and seasonal socials.  Perhaps you are unable to commit on a weekly basis but would like to help out from time to time.


Meet Some of Our Volunteers  


“I’m here at Spence House for my placement I love working here I call it my second home. Here at Spencer House, we’re all like a family and it feels like home. Nice coworkers and very polite amazing clients that always make my day beautiful”

-Orit Abdosh, Student  


“My experiences at Spencer House have always been remarkable. One of my favorite parts is coming in early and setting up the kitchen to get the coffee ready. I really appreciate the relationships that I’ve built at Spencer House and getting to know the people that live in my community. I get to come in every week and share stories and catch up with all the new friends that I’ve made. I see first-hand the impact that Spencer house has in providing a safe space for our community, and it’s a wonderful initiative to be a part of”

-Allan Masterson, Kitchen Crew Volunteer

mary at the bbq.jpeg

“My introduction to Spencer House a few years ago was through the Two Houses Theatre Co. This was a unique and enjoyable experience for me. Then when asked to become a receptionist I agreed to fill this role furthering my involvement here. Since retirement, volunteer work has become helpful to me in adjusting to a different circumstance, and being at Spencer House has been important to this adjustment. I have met many others in their senior years and truly enjoy the atmosphere Spencer House fosters. This Center is integral in the lives of many of us, in different ways, and I hope to remain a member here for many years to come".

-Mary Upton, Front Desk Volunteer 

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