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Our Team

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Allison Davis, MDiv- Executive Director

Known as “Alli” by her friends at the Centre, Allison brings more than 20 years of experience working in the not-for-profit industry, with a strong focus on community development and volunteer management. She is a passionate advocate for older adults, and strongly believes that regarding our senior friends, neighbours, and family members with dignity, compassion, and respect builds a stronger community for everyone.

Contact Alli:


Erin Stacknick, Program Coordinator

Erin is the Program Coordinator for the Spencer House. Erin is from Thunder Bay, Ontario, but after studying at Acadia University, she fell in love with the East Coast. Erin has a background in music therapy and is passionate about the positive impact that music, as well as other creative outlets, can make. She hopes to bring singing, dancing, and many other wonderful community programs to the Spencer House

Contact Erin:


Tess Ferguson, Kitchen Manager

Tess began working at Spencer House as a Program Assistant on behalf of a YMCA program placement in 2022, she is now the Kitchen Manager at Spencer House. Tess has many years of volunteering experience with the senior population in her hometown in Cape Breton. She is very passionate about the purpose of Spencer House and making sure everyone can enjoy a filling and nutritious meal!

Contact Tess:


Johanne Lafleur, Cook

We are so fortunate to have Johanne cooking meals with love at Spencer House. Johanne has over 20 years of professional cooking experience. Originally from Mauritius, she owned and operated two restaurants before moving to Canada. She “enjoys cooking for people who enjoy eating!” Johanne keeps our bellies full and happy with our favourite meals.


Jenny Gagnon & Trish Erskine, Custodians

Jenny & Trish work tirelessly to keep our Centre clean and organized. This past year they have put in extra time sanitizing the Centre every night so our members can enjoy a safe space to eat, meet, and play. They often leave special treats and seasonal gifts for our members (anonymously 😉) as a way of saying “you’re deserving, and you’re loved.”

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