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Everyone is welcome to drop into Spencer House and have a meal and join in the activities, whether or not you are a member. 

Why be a Member?

Being part of Spencer House is like joining a family. You have the opportunity to interact with other people and connect with members of the community. There are activities and events you can attend daily and add variety to your days. We know each other at Spencer House, and we recognize each other as friends who hang out and share stories together.


As a Member you receive: 

-Membership card 

-Discounted daily specials in the Today Café ($7.00/meal)

-Discounted tickets for special dinners and events 

Cost: $20 a year 

You can become a member by visiting our Centre In-Person to fill out a membership form.

Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 3:00 p.m. 

judy and mary.jpeg

“It is a home, it’s a family for me. I’ve had people bring me meals, I’ve had people calling me and making sure I can get to the grocery store or whatever. So, it's just a home away from home. It's been my sanctuary from all the woes that might be in my life and, is just a place to come and get away from all of that”

- Judy, Member and Past Board Chair

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