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Jan and Cecilia - A 50 Year Reunion

There was a special connection at Spencer House today! Jan and Cecilia, both members of the Centre, happened to drop in this morning. Jan noticed a member that she hadn’t met yet and introduced herself. To her surprise, Cecilia responded with “I know you! You’re Jan!” Cecilia says: “I knew it was Jan right away. It felt like no time had passed and here we were, together again”.

In their childhood and teenage years, both Jan and Cecilia lived in the same home in Kentville, divided into four apartment units. Their families were intertwined, and they have many shared memories of family members, friendships, and personal life events. Jan says: “Talking with Cecilia brought back the nice memories of childhood”.  They chatted over coffee for the rest of the morning as more and more stories unfolded.

The more they talked, the more they discovered similarities between their lives, like how they both lived in Wolfville for some time before moving to Halifax, where they currently live so close to one another that they can see each other’s buildings.

“This was a lot of fun. We have a friendship going now”.

Another beautiful day at Spencer House.

***This blog post, including all information and names, is shared with consent by Jan and Cecilia.

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