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Welcome Brittany!

My name is Brittany, and I am the new program facilitator at Spencer House. I may be a familiar face to many as I have been a volunteer since February. I’ve spent many Fridays’ working the front desk and getting to know everybody. Originally from Newfoundland, I’ve lived all over the country and have settled here in Halifax. I love the east coast and could never stay away for long! I’m very excited to join everyone in facilitating and supporting the programs here because I have many hobbies and I love trying new things. I spent lots of time learning how to shoreline fish, as I love being outdoors and in the woods. I also enjoy camping and that’s where you’ll find me most weekends when the weather allows. On rainy days I love to make arts and crafts including cross stitching, sewing, paper crafts and painting. I love animals and my own little dog, Gadget, who I’m sure will make visits to the centre for those who haven’t already met him. I’m really looking forward to Friday Trivia, one of my biggest dreams is to go on Jeopardy someday so this is a great opportunity to prepare me for the real thing!

I’m so happy to be an official member of the team. I’m so thankful for Spencer House, when I first moved to the city everyone here made me feel incredibly welcome.

I’m so lucky this big family of bluenosers has taken me in. Looking forward to lots of fun and memories with the Spencer House family!

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